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    About Us

    All You Want To Know About Us

    About Us

    What we are all about…is a story…

    The Glorious Past…

    FYLFOT Academy as a small sized educational institute based in Delhi, INDIA was formed through the love and passion for teaching by three science graduates of Delhi University around fifteen years back as FYLFOT tutorials to offer specialized coaching for the subjects of science stream only.

    The Value system initiated…

    We never did useless, extensive, propaganda oriented, deceived and misleading advertising to promote its promotion. Instead we use our advertising expenses to discount the fee of needy students and we have a legacy of strong alumni base. In past and still today we had our mutual academic association with many nearby institute to offer our services at their premises. This is vital as we never consider them as competitors rather we regard them as a part of joint academic family where each of us is contributing to the pious field of education. The institute has realized the importance of affordable coaching to all irrespective of their paying capacity. In this regard a series of initiatives were taken in past and which are still in practice at the institute. Some of them include arranging books of choice on heavy discount, free notes & assignment distribution in hard copies, on request psychological counseling and career counseling without any additional cost.

    The Flourishing Present…

    Prosperity when expend, it initiate change and change is the essence of life. From 2016 we are changing the institute name from FYLFOT tutorials to FYLFOT Academy. The credit for this change partially goes to some of our recently passed out students. We are currently offering various relevant courses included CBSE-XI-XII subject courses, PMT/NEET, JEE etc. Presently we are networked with many small and medium enterprises to offer training in the field of Digital Marketing, Business & Research Analytics. Large number of live projects are on offer to students attending skill training at FYLFOT Academy.

    Next Plan:

    Absolutely Free Coaching to all FYLFOT Academy’s next initiative is going to take a challenging task of offering coaching of science subjects…Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science for XI &XII for ZERO…! Yes…ZERO Fee to all of its students and …NO CONDITIONS APPLY here.

    “Education is a service but coaching is a business of educational services, Dare to offer these for free stupid…!”

    Pankaj Chauhan Mentor & Tutor

    Why Us

    Discipline is derived from the environment around student. At FYLFOT Academy coaching & training is done in a well disciplined atmosphere. Discipline does not mean a ‘curfew’ situation enough stress releasing space is offered in the academy so that students feel comfortable in their studies.

    Experienced & Focused Faculty- Faculty at FYLFOT Academy tends to create competitiveness among the students by their effortful teaching and critical performance evaluation. The teachers & trainers upgrade their content on regular basis to teach relevant.

    Study Material & Books- For each course the teacher or trainer provide highly researched manual as per the requirement of the course. FYLFOT Academy also arrange books from reputed publications in case where manual is either not sufficient for the course content coverage or where manual or notes are not available

    Coaching & Training need close supervision of students’ learning and It is possible in a manageable group size. At FYLFOT Academy the maximum size of student group is 20. This helps the trainer and teacher in offering individual attention and on the spot doubt clearance & proper query handling.

    Student Centered Approach- At FYLFOT Academy the course content is delivered using interactive discussions. Teaching at the institute is considered as a method to develop thinking skills and students are encourage to ask their doubts by providing a conducive environment in & out side of the class.

    Standard Quality Content- Content is at the core of teaching-learning process. At FYLFOT Academy trainers and teachers use research based subject matter and standard books from reputed publishers. Notes, assignments, test etc. are developed by using widely accepted books and manuals.

    Relevant Teaching Aids- A mix of teaching aids is used as per the requirement of course content and participants’ aptitude to make the learning effective and engaged. Students are involved in active class room learning by using these audio-visual tools. White board teaching is impressively designed to connect students to the concept.

    Structured Course Delivery- Every course at FYLFOT Academy is delivered into various interrelated sub-sets and units are planned in such a way that the entire course content can be effectively delivered. Such structured delivery of course reinforces learning among students.

    Detailed Assessment- Learning without assessment is neither reliable nor valid. Diverse methods of assessment are used to test students’ learning during the course to know their performance trend. Mock test, quizzes, assignment are some of these.

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