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    Academic Coaching Science of IX is in three parts: Chemistry, Physics & Biology. The course is taught such that every student irrespective of school book will cover the syllabus and score more in the subject. Use planned activities, models and on board description.



    This course enhances the mathematical problem solving ability. Our teachers keep students fascinated with math. Math concepts are taught by using smart classes approach by our experienced. Home Assignment, Class test and related doubt classes are offered frequently.



    This course focuses on English grammar and Literature Reader Textbook. Students are prepared to present their ideas coherently and concisely. Various topics such as verb forms, sentence structure, connectors, determiners, pronouns, prepositions, clauses, phrases etc. are covered as per syllabus



    Foundation course is to prepare class IX- students for JEE and NEET. The focus is on building objectivity and a strong conceptual base and effective learning. The course covers the topics of Math, Physics and Chemistry. Practice Tests and Assignments instill the tendency of application of concept in student.

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